Welcome to Wealthy and Wise Consulting.

You found this page because you are ready to finally make friends with your money. You are ready to move from perpetual conflict with your partner about finances to a place of intimacy and peace. You are ready to understand the importance of emotions and psychology in your money decisions – and to go from simply scraping by to thriving – full of wealth and wisdom!

This is what clients have accomplished after working with Dr. Kendal – and so can you!

Numerous clients developed better awareness of money habits and beliefs – resulting in dramatically reducing unconscious and unnecessary spending, paying off thousands of dollars in debt, and starting a savings account

Married clients stopped money fights with their husband or wife, brought greater intimacy and increased communication to their marriage

Self-employed client stopped under-valuing their services and themselves by understanding how early memories prevented them from feeling confident and worthy, increased prices – AND got new full-paying clients!

Divorced and widowed clients gained valuable financial knowledge that led to feelings of security and confidence in their own financial decisions.